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4 Points to Consider When Setting up Your Freelancing Business Website

Filipino freelancers are now fond of joining different freelancing platforms so that they can apply to different employers who are trying to find the freelancer who would fit the job that they need. Well, joining such platforms would not suffice if I may say; setting up your freelancing business website can be a great option to consider. Why? Even if you put all your qualifications and resume on your profile page, what the client will most of the time try to look at will be your existing portfolio or the compilation of your previous works. For example, if you are applying to be an online writer, the employer would surely ask you of your previous written outputs to be able to get to know what kind of writing style the freelancer have and if it will be the appropriate style needed to be employed on the task the client wants to be done.


The sad thing is that not all these freelancing platforms allow you to upload these files to your portfolio. You will only be allowed to upload one or two files, which may limit the possibilities that you will get hired by the employer. So, the only possible solution for this is to make sure that you get to put all your works as a package, ready to be read by your preferred employer. The package that I am talking about now is coming up with your website. A site which contains everything about you and everything about your previous works, experiences, and skills.


The website will serve as avenue for you to show what you are capable of doing, and for the client to see what they can get if client will hire you. Just make sure that when you do come up with your website, make it as neat and as organized as possible. A client would surely be delighted seeing a neat, organized, and well-packaged website. This will also give client the impression that you mean business because you manage to create your site to fully sell your services. Here are the few tips which you may want to adapt in doing your own website:


Tip #1: Choose a lighter color scheme as a background.

Tip #2: Make the font style transform into a professional level. You do not want to sacrifice the readability of the words to satisfy the art of choosing different cursive or symbols on the fonts.


Tip #3: Make the font size just enough for the allotted space. Having too big fonts may give the impression that you have fewer things to say and having the too small fonts might make the client  feel bored to read the entire page.


Tip #4: Create partitions. If you have previous jobs about writing, put them on one part of the website. If you have jobs about transcribing, put them on another side of the website. After all, you do not want the client to scroll down and search for all the related files that they are looking for.


Now, you are ready to present your website to your client. Be ready to answer relevant questions about your portfolio. Good luck and I hope that you get the next freelancing project through your website.

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